Grid Connection Manager Netherlands

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About the role




This role involves the autonomous management of a diverse and growing team across the full grid/solar lifecycle of the Netherlands pipeline. You will be required to work closely with the development, construction and asset management team, using high level communication and problem-solving skills to ensure the successful completion of projects in a timely and cost-effective manner.


The position requires both technical and commercial knowledge, as well as strategic planning skills and the ability to form strong working relationships. A strong network of contacts, and knowledge of the DNO/DSO-ICPs and government agencies responsible for grid connections is essential to success in this role, as is the necessary expertise and drive to contribute to the rapid growth of our development and construction pipeline.


Duties And Responsibilities


  • Build and Develop Grid team in Netherlands, providing assistance during project development by identifying factors influencing and influenced by the grid connections.
  • To manage and be responsible for the submission of grid applications in Netherlands that include all relevant information required by the Transmission operator / DNO’s, ensure they are submitted in a timely manner, and they progress through the DNO processes without delay.
  • To manage the review process for grid connection offers to ensure they meet Lightsource bp requirements and represent the minimum scheme required.
  • To be responsible for the ICPs benchmarking and if necessary, the creation and maintenance of framework agreements (including performance management) with ICPs to ensure Lightsource bp has the required delivery capacity at the appropriate commercial terms.
  • To be responsible for the Long-lead Equipment benchmarking and if necessary, the creation and maintenance of framework agreements with equipment suppliers to ensure Lightsource bp has the required delivery capacity at the appropriate commercial terms.
  • To contract the engineering/studies/surveys/drawings as necessary to start the design process of the Contestable Works with the DNO/DSO, ICPs to secure/advance grid connections work (COD dates).
  • To play a strategic role in the development of standardised arrangements for grid connections that reduce installation time and cost whilst maintaining or improving plant.
  • In a proactive manner, advise development and project managers with technical assistance through the life of the project.
  • Working closely with Business Development team to progress and develop strategies to grow the pipeline in the country.
  • Develop and maintain contacts with key DNO/DSO, ICPs and governmental agencies related to the grid connection offer T&Cs and the implantation of the grid connection facilities.
  • Understanding of market behaviour in Netherlands including future transmission/ network reinforcement plans and grid congestion analysis
  • Work closely with PPA, Business Development and Commercial engineering teams in the evaluation of project Rights (look to purchase grid and land).
  • Introduce and maintain departmental procedures to support grid connection application, grid capacity checks and grid connection assessment, ICP auditing.
  • Formalise a standardised response sheet to common risk items as identified by Investor and Technical Advisor alike.
  • Represent Grid Department at relevant Development Meetings and Delivery Meetings as required by Lightsource bp.
  • Key grid interface in commercial side of M&A projects between Business Development and Commercial Engineering.
  • Responsible to represent grid team in all matters related the projects in the Netherlands pipeline on risk and mitigation plans for grid connection, grid offer, costs and schedule of implementing grid connection facilities.
  • Responsible for DNO/DSO due diligence in all deals in Netherlands including permitting and construction aspects of grid connection to the grid.
  • Attend Lightsource bp sites and third-party premises as required.
  • Assembling and managing the Grid project team and combining stronger leadership to ensure the work is completed on time and budget.
  • Present reports periodically to appropriate management / governance team.
  • Participate in reviewing due diligence reports, feasibility of projects, analysing Grid code compliance & Power system constraints.
  • Be able to resolve Grid sharing agreement, Substation sharing, EP and other grid and commercial related issues to the projects in Netherlands.
  • Have good understanding of design packs required for power generation and substations engineering (in terms of Primary, secondary, Civil, construction, commissioning, and energisation).
  • Strategic approach. Pre-emptively secure grid capacity in favourable locations.
  • Coordinate efforts to becoming an IDNO.




  • Strong technical knowledge of Netherlands DNO & TNSP (Transmission Network Service Provider) levels.
  • Strong knowledge and capability of dealing with Energy Market Operators across Netherlands.
  • Understanding of future transmission plans from key jurisdictions across Netherlands.
  • Understanding of the grid connection process, grid application process and grid offer negotiations across key jurisdictions in Netherlands.
  • Direct contacts with key transmission and governmental agencies in the Netherlands jurisdictions.
  • Understanding of market operations and behaviour in Netherlands from a commercial and trading perspective.
  • Solid background on grid code and grid connection regulatory compliance.
  • Solid background on storage regulatory and connection.




    • Attained an education, ideally a degree in Power System Electrical Engineering but other relative qualifications and supporting working experience would be considered.


Complementary Qualifications


    • Skilled in Energy, Power Systems, Power Transmission, Project Management, Control Engineer, Account& Contract Management, Substations Design, Renewable Energy, Storage and Smart Grid.




    • Proven track record & experienced in a similar role for minimum of 8 years (desirable 10+).
    • HV TL & MV DL and Substation permit, construction, design experience for PV projects.
    • Experience in electrical integration of renewable power generation and grid codes.




    • HV Engineer, Protection & Control Systems, RTU/SCADA Controls, Power Transformer, Cabling, Testing & Commissioning, Grid Connections, Contestable Works, Cable System Design, DNO Design.


Personal Qualities


    • Effective communicator
    • Strong computing skills
    • A good team player
    • Proactive and positive work attitude
    • Keen and dynamic approach to innovation
    • Able to coordinate with multiple internal and external teams
    • Able to work independently with minimum supervision



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